As a liquidity aggregator on Solana, Jupiter aggregates the best token prices across different decentralized exchanges by connecting all DEX markets and AMM pools together, irrespective of the provider. This smart routing process also compares prices routed through an intermediary token, which allows the discovery of price inefficiencies and volatility in the markets. Jupiter also dynamically splits trades into smaller trade sizes to get better prices for larger size trades and trades with tokens that have shallow liquidity across several exchanges.
Other key features of Jupiter include the automatic listing of new markets as soon as they are launched on Solana, and token swaps in a single transaction without exceeding transaction limits and incurring high slippage. Users can simply enter the tokens and size they want to trade and the platform calculates all the possible routes for the token trade.
Furthermore, its API is a way for developers to access liquidity on Solana: the liquidity is provided as a wrapped token, enabling liquid swaps across all tokens, including wrapped versions of other protocol tokens.