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MultiStellar (XMS) 🌎🚀
🌎 MultiStellar (XMS) is a community token with the vision to empower every person to build a better future – on planet earth and beyond. MultiStellar aims at developing: Community voting for our community to vote on what charity we support NFT marketplace with unique medals for active holders and community members Later the vision is to develop a decentralized carbon emission trading platform powered by the blockchain and help drive forward the exploration of space 🔥 The developers have renounced and handed the project over to the community, managed by a diverse group that includes scientists, activists, students, designers, programmers from diverse backgrounds and age groups. Token Name: MultiStellar Token Symbol: XMS Token Address: Buy: Slippage: 12 % to 15 % 5 % redistributed to holders and 5 % to charity / liquidity every transaction Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Telegram: Chart: 100 % Liquidity locked for 48 months: Charity Wallet locked for 12 months with vesting:
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