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Corite (CO) Welcome to Corite CO, a blockchain-based music platform jointly powered by fans and artists to finance and promote music in a Play to Earn model. The CO Project is a decentralized platform based on Corite’s proven model for independent artists and fans to co-create, fund and promote music. Using Fan Power, artists can engage and reward their fans in every aspect of their career and share success together. The CO Project lets independent artists use their Fan Power to the full, while getting their music on all major streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and YouTube. The platform is used by tens of thousands of fans and artists already. Bringing Corite to the blockchain will enable control, ownership and new ways to enjoy and live off digital art and music by rewarding activity and engagement. At CO, fans will invest in and support their favorite artists to give them resources and possibilities to realize their dreams. Fans will get song shares by backing music and earn Fan Power by making the music a hit. As a first in the world we’re bringing Play to Earn to the music industry in a new way, where the most engaged artists and fans set the rules and share success together. Listen. Like it? Back it. Push it! Corite CO aims to become a music platform for a large global audience with millions of artists and fans, powered by blockchain technology. Users do not need to have an in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We are targeting those who create music and all those who love and are ready to support and invest in it, with money and/or activity. The CO platform will engage a much bigger audience than previously seen in the field of blockchain music (which typically have been focused on the fan’s or the artist’s needs), and with that comes a larger opportunity for revenues for everyone involved. Building on the proven business model that has attracted thousands of artists and fans from all around the world, Corite is bringing new approaches to music crowdfunding and Fan Power. We view CO as a natural next step in realizing the Corite vision. Once the CO platform is launched, artists will be able to not only do a crowdfunding fan campaign on Corite using FIAT currencies, but also broaden the artists’ possibilities by introducing fans to NFTs, social tokens, and other gamification elements. Put differently, CO is about what happens after the music is released and where the fun happens: fans and artists working together to make the music a success, rewarding co-creation and talent wherever it may be.
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